Agricultural Logging

Solutions we offer.

Agriculture is becoming more scientific and technical in nature, as consumer demand grows and pricings become more competitive. Farmers’ margins are becoming leaner and they are actively seeking the means to mitigate factors that hinder production.

Our Agri-Loggers are what we have termed “stackable” and can be seamlessly expanded to meet the needs of the farmer. Our Agri-Logger can currently perform the following:

Logs activation &
deactivation time

Logs Ambient
Air Temperature (±1°C)

Logs Air Humidity (±1%)

Logs Soil
Temperature (±1°C)

Logs light intensity
with a PAR meter

Log Interval is 1 minute

Log a Load-Cell based ‘scale’
for weighing a bag

Sensor for monitoring water,
salts and soil temperature

Solar powered, easy to use our Agri-Logger will give you up to date, scientifically accurate information delivered to your Cell Phone, Tablet or Laptop, no matter where you may be in the world.