Cold Room Logging

Solutions we offer.

Companies seek to maintain an unbroken and uninterrupted cold chain to ensure the integrity, safety and quality of food or pharmaceutical goods. Invariably, temperature ranges fluctuate, having a negative effect on the products. As technology evolves, manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals are trying to bring the same level of process discipline and control to the external supply chain as they do to their own manufacturing operations.

Proper temperature control is critical. Pre-emptive awareness fundamental.

AGRES Engineers have developed a simple, “plug and play” cold storage monitoring device that will allow you or your operations manager full access to real time conditions present within your cold storage environment – no matter where you are in the world – or where your storage facility is. Our IoT (Internet of Things) Cold Storage Loggers transfer all information of temperatures to you via the cloud, allowing you to remotely make assessments and see a history of the environmental factors at play - any time of the day or night. Helping you rest easy!